Steve Yedlin on ‘Large Format’ Optics

But, in trying to describe “the big format look,” people often make a word-salad of focal length, AoV, and compression, like “you can get closer on a longer lens with the same AoV but it’s more compressed.” But that’s just a self-contradictory jumble of words that doesn’t really have any meaning. AoV and perspective are each properties that are not unique to one format size as opposed to another and are independent of one another (putting a certain lens on a camera doesn’t force you to put that camera in a certain position in space — a filmmaker is free to choose AoV and camera placement separately).

DSLR Ransomware

In this blog, we recount how we at Check Point Research went on a journey to test if hackers could hit us in this exact sweet spot. We asked: Could hackers take over our cameras, the guardians of our precious moments, and infect them with ransomware?

And the answer is: Yes.
Denzel Curry
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Catalina’s default Bash replaced with ZSH

Due to legalese we’ll be seeing ZSH as the default Shell in OSX. The total packages shipped with Bash has decreased by over half since Leopard. ZSH affords a more modern toolset and thinking behind the curtains.