It’s not overnight success, if it was I’d be questioning whether hard work or sheer luck is what affords such a shortcut. Regardless, it’s still the reality – a yearning to be further ahead than you are, armed with a pocket full of pride and yet seemingly stood in place, not a foot shuffled. Progress, maybe – but not far enough to cross that line. But whose line is it, anyway?

The dirty trick played is that this line is ever shifting. And yours created. A constant evasion and inability to truly approach it, for even when you think you have, you tend to discover the real line is now mysteriously further ahead. This, to me, is what makes us human. And what gives us purpose even if it’s ultimately purposeless.

Moving to Austin I’ve come to learn to slow down. Do things in a more difficult manner, which means to hold tongue and kick dirt. Try for a conversation with a stranger but ultimately reserve to refreshing the same instagram feed wanting something different.

Those highways.